Friday, May 21, 2010

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

It's hard enough for me to get to the endless piles of wash this small household generates, but it is especially hard with the Scout around. I had just taken the towels out of the dryer and was about to fold them, when I made the mistake of leaving the room for a moment. I came back, and there she was, sitting right smack on top of the clean towels. ARGH!!! She may have thought of the basket as a suitcase and was damned and determined not to get left behind so she planted herself in it. Or maybe she was just messin' with me like she does when I try to vacuum. She runs into the front of the vacuum cleaner and acts like it's trying to eat her whereupon she bats at it, barks, tries to bite it, etc. Sigh. I put her in the bedroom and when I shut the vacuum off, I hear "scratch, scratch, scratch" and I can just feel her scraping the paint off the door frame. Ugh. It's just damn hard to have a clean house when you have a high maintenance dog. So eventually I give up on the whole idea and happily return to my knitting with a very good excuse!

1 comment:

  1. My old doggie girl Madeline/Maddie loves to lie on anything that ends up on the floor. Towels to be washed, linens off the bed , etc. The minute it hits the floor, she may be in the farthest corner of the house, sleeping, which she does a lot, and feels the waft of air as the item falls, and within minutes is curled up on top!

    I love your blog and the warmth of your writing.