Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yesterday, I took the crocheted trivet class taught by Susan Schlesinger formerly of Bonita Knit & Sew. Melody Hufford has tried to change my mind about crocheting for about 7 years now, but I maintained that knitting ruled and crochet was icky. She tried to teach me on occasion, but the student was not ready to learn. Well, I'm so knocked out by Linda Permann's Crochet Adorned and the sample trivet Susan brought into the Grove that I pried open my mind and decided to try crochet one more time. And this time it clicked! I finished the back at home last night, crocheted the double layers together and finished it off with a picot stitch. Child that I am, I then called my mother-in-law, the infamous Viv, and told her that I made her something for Mother's Day in class. She was very touched and said she can't wait to see it...whatever it is. She's a terrific mom in my book.

This morning I got up and thought, I can probably do the flowers in Crocheted Adorned by myself now. And I got all set up and didn't get past the first row of instruction. This magic loop thing is kicking my butt. So, rather than get frustrated, I decided to just wait and join Susan's flower class on the 15th. Man, it's so much easier to do it in class! Meanwhile, I will be making DH a trivet to rest his cup on and calling it a large coaster (like John Stewart holding the ipad up to his ear pretending it was a large iphone).


  1. I'm blown away, but not surprised that you ended up with a trivet that is not only awesome, but looks "flawless"! My turn now!

  2. Well done! Now I must finish mine. I do love the black backing.

  3. You three were AWESOME students!! I can't wait for the flower class. Even faster and lots more fun.

  4. Susan,
    Look what I found!
    Very easy way to do the magic circle.

  5. I'm so glad that my book turned you on to crochet (I found your post via google). The magic loop is SO easy once someone shows you, yet hard for beginners to grasp. If you can't hold out for the class, you can always just work into a slip knot (it just leaves a small knot, hardly detectable and not a big deal), or try this tutorial:

    good luck!