Monday, May 24, 2010

We're in Sunset Magazine!!!

This weekend we had a lot of traffic at the Grove. I found out why when a customer went out to her car and brought me a copy of the South Park spread in the June issue of Sunset Magazine. Who knew it was out yet! (Ah, always the last to know!) It is a 2-page spread with this photo on page 2, right smack in the middle. Okay, I don't want to be critical because we deeply appreciate the publicity but I just want you all to know that our fabrics and yarns have much more saturated colors than depicted in this photo. Again, I don't want to bite the hands that feeds us, but we don't consider ourselves a "DIY Throwback" either! Our beautiful yarns and fabrics are state-of-the-art-gorgeous so I'm not sure what the "throw-back" stuff means and the "DIY" label...doesn't that sort of apply to Home Depot projects? Well, maybe I'm being a bit hard on Sunset because after all, it has not dissuaded people from seeking us out. I'm just sayin'.....

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  1. I too am surprised to learn that knitting and crocheting is considered a lost art. Who knew?