Sunday, June 9, 2013

Travels with Baby Jesus!

In 2011, Fiona Goble's Knitivity: Create Your Own Christmas Scene hit our book shelves.  In it was this little 2-3" baby Jesus.  What we so endearing about the baby was that he had a removable diaper and swaddling!  With French knots for curls and little stick arms that could fit inside or out of the swaddling, I could not resist knitting him.  When my good friend was going through some hard times at work, I said...You need Baby Jesus!!!  And we laughed and laughed at the thought, but I did insist that she take him to work.  And she did!  She tucked him into her bra.  While no one at work could see him, she knew he was there and she tells me just having him with her was consoling.

Now this little guy is painstaking to knit (at least for me) because he's knit with fingering yarn on size 2 dpn's and all his appendages need to be sewn including those skinny arms and legs.  So, I never volunteer to knit him for anybody.  But when my friend Elizabeth told me she was hiking to and climbing Machu Pichu, I said...oh, you need a talisman and I've got just the right one! 

So enter baby Jesus #2, pictured above with Machu Pichu in the background!!!  This photo is so awesome you might doubt it's authenticity but I swear to you, Elizabeth got this great shot which has not been retouched.  She (yes, Elizabeth said baby Jesus is a She!) formed the backdrop for many a picture in hilarious positions (pointing to a Starbucks in Peru) and places (like at a bowling alley in Lima).  Stay tuned for additional photos of Travels with Baby Jesus!

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