Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Tiffany Potting Table?

We recently moved and to the chagrin of my husband (and movers) I insisted on taking this nasty old potting table with me that is constructed of untreated wood.  "Natural" is usually OK with me because I am all about natural fibers, but it was just dreary looking on our new deck. So on the spur of the moment and with an agreement from my sister-in-law to help me, I picked out a Tiffany blue paint.  I stood in front of the wall of color paint chips and let me eyes rest where they would.  And this is where they rested! It took us one morning to do the primer, and one to smooth on this gorgeous color.  I love it!  In fact I like it so much that if I ever get over it on my deck, I may  bring it into the shop and fill it with yarn!  Wouldn't that make for a wonderful backdrop for our bright Summer yarns? 

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