Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perfect Summer Short Sleeve Sweater!

I am forever searching for new and exciting patterns to knit.  I spend just about every morning sipping coffee and studying Ravelry, queing any pattern I see that will appeal to our customer base and work with yarn that I carry.  I'm pretty sure this Short Sleeve Sweater (free pattern!) fits the bill!  It's got a forgiving shape, meaning it will look good on many body types.  It's pretty much an 8-row repeat pattern; all but 6 rows are purled.  The other 2 rows consist of simple yarn overs followed by the customary decreases.  Easy schmeazy!!!  It's knit from the bottom up so the side seams need to be sewn but the sleeves are knitted into the garment by casting on additional stitches at the underarm.  So there's no fitting sleeves in! 

Oh, the choices I had for yarn...too many!  I have a strong taste for deep saturated colors this Summer.  And when I spotted Gina on the shelf, I couldn't resist.  It's a light worsted-weight wool.  Wool in the summer, you might ask?  Well, I debated alright but it felt fine and it's in these yummy bright colors.  I couldn't resist.  And I cannot stop knitting it.  After 2 nights I'm almost at the armholes for the back.  That's some pretty speedy action which goes to show how easy the pattern is.  Every color change spurs you on to the next.  So, I'll think...I'll go to sleep right after I get to the citron color.  Oh but then there's that beautiful lilac.  And so it goes.
Since this would be a perfect first sweater for a newbie to knit, we're offering a class in it this month.  If interested, just hit the "current newsletter" image and see if the days correspond to your schedule!  

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