Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jeweled Collar

This jeweled collar can be knit in an evening and makes a spectacular gift.  Luca Tape is a 3-strand yarn of rayon, cotton and a wee bit of polyester.  The sequins are so securely attached  that not a single one popped off as I re-knit the yarn.  Yes.  Re-knit. 3 times to get the right look!  I started out knitting a long cowl.  That wasn't right.  I ripped it out and knit a second shorter cowl and that wasn't right either.  As I was taking it off, I held it up around my neck as a collar and knew that was the right thing to do with the yarn.  So I ripped it out a second time, rewound it, and created the third and final pattern pictured here. I was amazed at how well the yarn held up...especially with the sequins.  I was prepared to sacrifice the first skein but it wasn't necessary.  So keep this beauty in mind for the holidays and for gift giving.  We've got about 7 handsome colors on the shelf and it retails for around $26.00.

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