Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Around the Table

We've got a wonderful class schedule this Fall and before a lace class last week, I decided it was imperative to have a table where we could rest our patterns and keep track of every row.  While I loved the comfort of our knitting circle in our cushy black chairs, balancing a lace pattern on your lap was never an optimal way to knit.  So in a flash, we removed the chairs to our very back room and placed an abandoned table in it's place.  A sheet of craft paper came in handy to cover the top, enabling us to write notes, draw diagrams, and sketch patterns with ease.  When Krista from the Daily Scoop saw the table, she remembered seeing a set of oak chairs outside a restaurant supply store in the 'hood.  So quick as a flash, we closed our shops and made an emergency run to get the chairs.  We were back in 15 minutes with the chairs.  They look perfect and are really comfortable.  The feedback has been great and I love the energy around the table.  Remember that you are always welcome to sit and knit at the Grove with yarn you've purchased from us!  My store hours are posted on our monthly newsletter (the link is the bird nest on the right-hand side of this blog) and I would love to see you!  Our newest and most exciting yarns are from Dream in Color...we've got Wisp, Classy, and Classy with cashmere is due to arrive on Friday.

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