Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rockabout Saturday Night!

Do you remember about 3 years ago, an artist created some incredible cairns on the beach in Cardiff? All the rock formations, including arches, were made with only gravity to balance them. It was remarkable. We got up early one morning to take photographs of them when the light was misty grey. There were already cars lined up along the beach road with other admirers shooting pictures.

When I saw these cairns at the July gift show in L.A., I couldn't believe my eyes! (This photo is from their catalog). The rep who tended the booth said that I was the 5th person from San Diego that told her about the beach sculptures. Well, of course, I had to buy them.They are all natural beach pebbles and river rocks from Indonesia. They are organic and rustic and beachy and I love every one of them.

When the shipment arrived yesterday, Jo Madden of Go-Go Paper Arts, one of our resident artists, helped me create the display pictured below. She said that Saturday Night's Walkabout should be renamed the "Rockabout". Haha! Oh, yes, did I mention the Fall Walkabout is on Saturday night? Karen Baumeister from the Kitchen Sink is serving homemade chili (who knew it would be so warm?) and demonstrating the kitchen gadgets used to make it. It's bound to be another fun, fun night. So come early and get the cairn of your choice!!! They come in candle holders, votives, and sculptures. We also got a slew of engraved beach pebbles with symbols and words engraved in them. Words like "create", "inspire", "do it", etc.!

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