Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finishing Is Hard to Do!

Let's face it. No one. Not anyone, not no how, likes to finish a knitting project, including me. I make it known to all my customers that I don't finish...cuz I dislike it just as much as they do. But you're so good at it, they say. Well, just cuz I'm good at something doesn't mean I like it. (I did practice law for 13+ years and taught it as well!) Recently, though, I agreed to finish Holly's granddaughter's sweater. Holly is a beautiful knitter but that finishing thing's got her beat. She printed directions for buttonholes, watched videos on You Tube, knit practice ones and was always miserable with the outcome. After all the work she put into this darling sweater, I couldn't bear to not see it finished. So I broke my rule and hired on to do it for her. I just finished sewing on the last polymer clay button and am relieved that it is done and satisfied with the outcome. Now, on to knitting for my own grand babies who I will be seeing in Portland on Monday!!!

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  1. Oh, Susan, I'm so glad you broke your rule, and finished this beautiful sweater for Holly. It's simply to precious to remain for the rest of it's life at the bottom of a sewing basket!