Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The $73 Egg!

This absolutely perfect egg was laid by Ginger, a full-grown chicken who is currently acting as a role model for Frankie & Betty. Ginger is on loan temporarily to be with the chicks. She was a little ruffled for the first few weeks and wasn't laying. But yesterday, she finally felt comfortable enough to pop one out! (Either that or it was my recent threat that if she didn't start laying eggs soon, her head would be on the chopping block!) Celeste has kept track of all expenses associated with the chicks. This one egg cost $73!

The watercolor chicken in the background was purchased at the Watercolor Society at Liberty Station. The two vintage chick ceramics were Celeste's mom's and the egg basket, well, that was my contribution. Can't wait 'til we drop one of Frankie's in the basket!

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