Thursday, June 3, 2010


PDC is an acronym for "Pretty Damn Cute", a description that fits this simple cap perfectly. With time on my hands today, I whipped this out from a free shop pattern that we use to teach students to purl, decrease, and seam. Made from Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted Cotton (organic), I used some leftover yarn and while the colors are admittedly in-your-face, I love this cap! Susan Schlesinger made the crocheted flower from a pattern in Crochet Adorned (also out of BSA Worsted Cotton). The button which is at the center of the flower is a handmade polymer clay button from Zecca.

While I love this cap, if I made it again, I would use just one color in the transition ridge instead of carrying both colors together. I thought that by holding both colors, it would create a braided look but it didn't quite come out that way! Nevertheless, it's still PDC!!!

P.S. Today is the day we are supposed to receive our BSA trunk show so I'll be waiting in the window for UPS. I'll keep you posted.


  1. PDC ( pretty damn clever) for sure. Very charming little piece.

  2. These colors are GREAT! Sure hope it doesn't end up missing....Hee Hee!