Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making Waves

I thought I better talk some Knit or you'll really think I've gone to the dogs (or pigs as the case may be)! So here is my most recent project, this gorgeous Wavy Scarf. Knit out of Handmaiden's Double Sea Silk, the drape and texture are indescribable.

I am over the drop stitch scarves we were all madly knitting several years ago so I all but dismissed this pattern when Handmaiden sent it to me. This pattern is different, though, because of the tiered yarn overs that create the waves. And then I remembered that when I was in law school, I knit an over-sized ivory boat neck sweater (all the fashion then) in this very same wave pattern. I wore it with a cami underneath and a long rayon skirt with soft pleats that started below the hips and faded to nothing but swish. It was celery green and I absolutely loved that outfit! Of all the things I've made throughout my life that was one of my favorite sweaters.

Anyway, judipatuti volunteered to knit up a Wavy Scarf sample for the shop. She used a color aptly called "Lillypad" which really shows off the sheen of the yarn. I wasn't expecting a great response to the pattern. To the yarn, yes. But not the pattern. I was wrong, oh so wrong. It is very popular!

And I love this yarn so much that I actually violated my no-custom-knit rule when a customer asked me to knit her a Wavy Scarf in Peridot (pictured above). And it has been such a pleasure.

On Monday, I will be meeting with Handmaiden's rep to fondle her yarn samples and select a wider range of colors. Oh, it's a tough job because it is difficult to eliminate colors! But somebody's got to do it. I'll have to wear a drool cup (kind of gross, but do any of you remember that old Saturday night skit?) That's what I need when I get around yarns!

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  1. handmaidens rep? Do I get 3 skeins out of that meeting?