Monday, December 28, 2009

Bitterroot Is Sweet

The good thing about having a cold is that it gives me guilt-free knitting time. Now I know we're having a Bitterroot KAL starting January 10th and that it is my KAL...I'm facilitating. So you would think that I could stop working on this so that I can actually knit along with the rest of the group. But no. At this rate, I'll probably be finished with mine by then! So I guess I'll be doing my second Bitterroot with "the girls"! Next one, will be a variegated one...mmm, maybe with a Pagewood Farms yarn. But I digress.

What I want you to know is how incredibly easy this pattern is. The only increases are along the edges, made with a simple yarn over. The only pattern changes in each chart (and there are several, but don't let that scare you), come mostly in the first few and the last few stitches. So for like 60 rows, you are doing the exact same repeat, in the same order but for the edge stitches. It's sort of like the Clapotis in that way. I wish I had a better camera to show you how these little mounds running diagonally from the center look like frosting on a wedding cake. (Always food with me!).
I know you are probably saying ... sure, for her it's easy, but I can tell you honestly, I am slow to "read" a lace pattern (meaning, looking at the knitted piece itself to know what to do in the next row). But after about 2" into this, you'll be able to read the pattern too. Now this doesn't mean I knit without looking at the chart. I don't, but it's more like I just check in instead of read every box in the chart. What this translates to is that it goes quickly. I cannot wait to get to the beaded section! Marcia, are you listening? I'm going to need the beads sooner than expected!

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  1. If you like metallic blue iris or metallic purple iris I have you covered. Even tried the crochet hook method (which mind you is going to be slow, but easy) Although I'm really thinking a nice gold iris might look really good with that green.....I'm going to go look at the color range the 6's come in.

    I must say it looks less wedding cakeky in aqua/purple variegated yarn....but it's a nice reference