Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, It Is Always Like Christmas

Customers ask me if getting yarn shipments is like Christmas. Yes, it is! Here is a bunch of new colors in Brown Sheep's Cotton Wool that came in yesterday along with Bryon's Rosewood Needles, Inox steel dpns in teeny sizes, and lots of Addi Turbo's and Addi Lace Turbo's. Oh, yes, and more Shannon Martin cards that still make me laugh out loud. So, it was quite a good day!

By the way, the ball of orange striped yarn on the right side of the photo is Hand-Painted Lanaloft in Orange Confection, a new Brown Sheep yarn that comes in both worsted and sport weight. The peachy-colored solid to the left of it is Lanaloft solid in the color Marmalade. It retails for about $7.00 per skein for 160 yds. and it's 100% wool. Darn good price! So if the hand is nice, we'll be getting the line in for the Fall. Even though it's 90+ degrees, I can still get very excited about Fall yarns!

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