Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MAD Designs Moves In!

Our vision of having knitting, sewing & beading at the Grove is becoming a reality as Marcia DeCoster lovingly places seed beads and crystals in color wheel order! If all goes as planned, we will be replacing the oak bookcases that have held our yarn collection since we began in 2003. They will be replaced with glass shelving that will make everything more visible and accessible. It's a big job. I admit, I'm kind of scared. The posts that hold the shelves must be attached to our plaster and concrete walls. Yipes. And all the yarn offloaded in some kind of order and then placed on the new shelves. Lots of stuff is on sale so we don't have to move so much. So spread the word about the sale! Saturday is the last day. We pack up the yarns Saturday evening and begin the installation on Sunday. Our goal is to have everything in order by the time we reopen on Tuesday. Wish us luck!