Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where's Everybody Going?

We got 2 pieces of news this week that saddened us. The Shepherdess and Schaefer Yarns, two creative vortexes, are gone. Both Cookie and Cheryl are retiring, but if business was good...they may not have. So please support the small businesses who have added color and texture to your lives and buy from the few San Diego yarn shops that remain open!  You make the difference!

From the Shepherdess' Website:
Shepherdess is Retiring!
"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” Twyla Tharph
This is one of my favorite quotes. Every now and then, life comes full circle. After many enjoyable and successful years I have decided to retire and close the shop. This has been in the planning stages for awhile and I feel the time is right. What does retirement mean? In the past it meant that you stopped working. But for me retirement now means that I can reorganize and start concentrating on the things I want to do most: my art and teach. I have a very full life, awesome children, beautiful grandchildren and a supportive husband. And of course, all of my dear friends, many of whom I have met through The Shepherdess.Retirement does not mean that I am going to stop working. I am traveling and teaching at different venues and am excited that I will now be able to do more of this. While the casual observer might perceive that The Shepherdess consists only of a store and classroom containing the delights and joy of fiber, beads and metal art, those of us who consider ourselves to be part of this eclectic community, know it to be much more than that.So, while the physical store will be closing (2 months shy of 35 years) with this part of my retirement, The Shepherdess will continue to grow and evolve. The wonderful weekly groups where ideas, techniques and friendships are shared are closest to my heart. They are a continuing inspiration to me and to those who give and receive so much by their participation. They represent and embody the true creative spirit of all The Shepherdess is and they will continue to meet. A new, exciting venue has been secured that will allow these groups to expand. Watch for more information to follow.
As our evolution continues, you will see other inspired changes to our shared Shepherdess community. However, one thing will never change and that is the gratitude and affection I have for all of you who have supported me. Thank you for being such good friends and loyal customers.
Happy Trails!
Cooky Schock, Owner
The Shepherdess
From Cheryl at Schaefer Yarn:
          To all my Valued Customers,

While I intended to tell my reps first, then you, that I am retiring and closing Schaefer Yarn at the end of the year, some kind person has already put it out on Ravelry. So forgive me for not beating her to it.
My feelings, to put it mildly, are mixed. I need to retire but it's very hard, after 33 years, to give up this colorful business. I'll keep my hand in by keeping my outlet shop open 3-4 short days a week but it's time to have time for myself. My lifetime is no longer enough for all the projects I've put aside in favor of Schaefer Yarn.
So, my thanks for the support over the years. It has been a pleasure to dye for you and I do hope you'll remember Schaefer as it fades into the sunset.

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  1. Sad to say goodbye to the Shepherdess, a store I have enjoyed and shopped
    in for over 25 years. I'm grateful for all I learned in Cookie and Marcie's classroom, from local and international instructors. Long before I lived in San Diego, I would come to visit my folks and that was one of my favorite stops. After our bead shopping, we would stroll across the street , to Casa de Pico..........

    Embrace change. It is inevitable.