Sunday, November 25, 2012


We just got in a gorgeous array of Kid Seta, a silk/mohair blend, in the most delicious colors! The colors blend perfectly with Loden, a worsted tweed, also by Plymouth Yarn Company. Putting them together in a squiggle scarf, using 6 balls, was the only logical thing a girl could do with all that scrumptiousness! So here it is ...

The Self-Fringing Scrumptious Scarf!

Starting with Loden and leaving a 5-6" tail, cast on 200 stitches on a 24" #10 needle.  Break yarn, leaving a 5-6" tail.  Turn your work.  Starting with a fresh strand of yarn with a 5-6" tail, knit across the row.  End with a 5-6" tail.  (This creates the self-fringe).  Work 6 garter stitch rows in this fashion randomly alternating the colors and textures. For the body, knit 3 rows in the Kid Seta followed by 1 row of the Loden as follows:  With the right-side of the work facing you and with a new strand of yarn, knit across the row leaving a 5-6" tail on each end.  Without turning your work, take a different strand of yarn and start over again, leaving a 5-6" tail of the new yarn at the beginning and end of the row.  Although you never turn your will get a stockinette stitch without purling! Continue knitting as established until piece measures 6" or until desired width.  End by knitting 6 garter stitch rows ending with Loden.  Cast off.  On each end, snug up the tails and knot 3 strands of fringe close to the knitted piece.  Block lightly.

P.S.  To my dear reader and customer, Jane, I forgot to write down the names of the patterns you wanted!  On Ravelry, check out Claire for the Filigran, Jeweled Cowl for the ????, and Piper's Journey for the Smooshy with Cashmere.  I'm pretty sure those are the ones you wanted.  Call me at the shop if not!!!

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