Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hand-Crafted Yarn Bowls from the 'Hood'

How I love this neighborhood! When Vogue published a page of incredible yarn bowls, we immediately thought of Plum Pottery, the pottery studio around the corner from us. Let's have 'em made right here in the hood, we said! And Brandy Noon, an accomplished ceramicist, was gracious enough to create a special line of them just for Grove customers! They are as practical as they are pretty and they frame our exquisite hand-dyeds beautifully. When you are knitting from a hand-wound ball or the outside yarn on a pre-wound ball, the ingenious design holds the ball in place while you pull freely as you knit. These are must haves, and I'm not kidding. And it's also a good for your soul to support a local artisan.

1 comment:

  1. A marriage made in Heaven/South Park... Yarn Bowls by Brandy Noon meets yarns from The Grove. And we didn't think about this perfect match before...why? Nevermind. A match made in Heaven/South Park. Good to support nearby local artists, yes, and good for us crafters...location location location!!!