Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goody Gumdrops!

YUM!!! The fall yarns have begun to arrive and it is a mouth-watering experience. The latest arrival is a delicious yarn called "Cortina" which are those beautiful gum drop balls on the top. I'm always looking for light-weight bulkies which hold their shape, are reasonably priced, and have good colors. Cortina is one such yarn! It has a nylon core wrapped in merino so it is light as a feather and soft as down. It retails for $9.95. At 2.5 sts. per inch on a #17, this yarn knits up ever-so-quickly.

Another huge yarn in color and texture, is Pagewood Farm's Rustic Spun yarn which is hanging on the sides of the shelves. It's hand-dyed (of course) and one skein knits up a luxurious scarf, long enough to wrap around your neck. Since it's a thick/thin yarn, garter stitch emphasizes the slubs to the max. It is a textural, color-drenched wonder.

And from Misti Alpaca, Baby Me Boo, has arrived. It is a blend of alpaca, merino and bamboo and it is as soft as a baby's cheek. We haven't gotten all the colors in yet, but we're off to a great start with ivory, red, green, and charcoal with more on their way. One skein makes a wonderful mobius cowl (which you'll see on our November class schedule).

Last but not least, on the bottom shelf, is our best-selling Chunky, by Misti Alpaca. Beware. You cannot touch this and put it back down without buying it. It should have a warning label on it!

So c'mon by and check out our new finds!


  1. Hi Susan! I was in the Grove yesterday, and missed seeing your smiling face. Loved seeing all the new and yummy yarn. Everything looks so colorful and fresh for fall! Missing you...
    x, Val

  2. I wish I could pop by and take a good look at all the lovely yarn. I live in Oslo, Norway... Maybe one day!