Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stylin' Bamboo Knitting Totes!

I'm always on the look out for good knitting totes. To me, a good knitting tote has a flat bottom so it can sit by your chair wide open without any closure or fold to prevent your working yarn from pulling easily. A good knitting tote has got to be fabric lined. A zippered inside pocket is nice. It has to be light-weight! It cannot have any velcro enclosures to snag yarn. And finally, it cannot cost an arm and a leg.

Well, these knitting totes fit the bill exactly! They are fabric-lined bamboo totes with handles long enough to put over your shoulder. The flat bottom can be manipulated so that the entire tote can be folded and stored flat. It is well-made, roomy and has a zippered enclosure. Best or all, they only cost $35!!! What a deal!!! Aside from the black and brown ones shown here, they also come in a natural bamboo color (due at the end of August). But if you want the ones that don't show dirt, we just got our shipment in yesterday. These are definitely worth checking out!

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  1. oooooh...=-) I'm likin' that solid dark one...hmmm...