Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Butin Necklace: Fun and Gorgeous!

This Butin Necklace by Laura Nelkin has got to be the best gift a knitter can make for herself or others especially for around $15! The yarn is Audrey by Schaefer made of 50% merino and 50%. Truly, exquisitely silky ... hand-dyed, of course, because that's all Schaefer does. The small glass beads are lined and the large ones are multi-colored copper. [Apologies to Marcia because I know there is a name for them that escapes me!]. All the beads are strung prior to knitting and pulled forward as needed. The set-up must be precise because if you miscount the beads, there's no turning back except to rip out at least for the middle tier section. Beyond that, this is an easy pattern to follow. I know about the precision part because I wasn't careful and misstrung. Ended up tearing it out and re-knitting it. Okay, I did that 2x because I was watching t.v. and not giving this project the attention it deserved. Don't do as I did!!! One of the outstanding characteristics of silk is its strength and as you can see, the yarn was no worse for the wear. We have the kits in 6 different colorways and plenty of long #2 needles. [Oh c'mon ... don't be a baby...#2 needles are nothing to be afraid of!!!]

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  1. This looks like a sweet project. Loved the #2 needle chide!