Friday, January 22, 2010

Namaste's Monroe Bag & Wallet

Oh, man. I am a Namaste junkie from the word "go". Now, you'd think that because I own a yarn shop and can have anything I like that I'd have just about everything at home that's in the shop. Not true. I'm very selective about the things I keep. Except when it comes to Namaste. I have bought every bag they've made in the past 4 years. Their latest bag, the Monroe, is the best so has three sections, it stands up, it has plenty of pockets, and their signature strong magnetic clasp. And the colors...awesome. Judi patuti brought me back an eggplant set of the Monroe bag and matching wallet from the TNNA and I am loving using both.
We've ordered every color and anticipate delivery early next week. If you want a particular color, please call the Grove at 619-284-7684 and we will reserve your color.
I am also in love with Namaste's snap bags which are perfect project bags that fit inside the Monroe. It's nice to have current, functional stuff!!!

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