Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I hate to be one of those pet owners that thinks their pet is the cutest thing alive. And, I hate plastering my pet's picture all over the internet, but honestly, you have to admit, Scoutie Rose is a pretty cute dog. She is adopted from the streets of Rosarito, Baja. Having been on the kill list (via electrocution), she is pretty grateful to be alive. And she loves Dog Beach in Del Mar where we first took her when we got her at 1 year old. She is never freer or happier than when she is running on the beach. This video, taken this afternoon at low tide and 72 degrees, demonstrates that she is part dolphin as well as a fully indoctrinated Southern California pup! In the still picture, she found an abandoned tennis ball and hid it among the rocks and she wasn't about to leave without it.


  1. Cute, beautiful, all of that. Burt and I want to see more. Don't ever be afraid to share her and her full of life spirit.

  2. Hi, Susan, Sherri here! This is just pure joy! It's beautiful...I just became a follower of your blog (yay). I'm stuck on my Christmas stocking (sigh)--you'll see on Saturday when I will, as they say "carry on!"