Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Abundance

For a yarn shop owner, there is no better time of year than the Fall when the new yarns start arriving. The shelves are full, color selections complete, and the visual appeal of it all is almost too much for one who has The Passion. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the saturated colors of this new South American Hand Painted Cotton from Punta Yarns. They are spectacular and the yarn, rare. Rare because it is a bulky cotton. It's damn near impossible to find a nice bulky cotton. Cotton is a heavy fiber. Much more so than wool. It it's not spun correctly creating a light loft it's, well, heavy. Heavy's not so nice in a cotton. It's sort of like wearing the weight of a wet blanket. But This Stuff! Oh my, it's light as a feather, spun so it doesn't look like it will pill or mat. I'd have to say, this is the most exciting yarn to hit the market in a long time. We've also ordered the wool, which comes in colors as rich as Manos, but the hand is much softer. They are to ship October 15th from upstate New York. And I will be waiting in the window for them to arrive!

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