Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crystal Blue Persuasion

I know I date myself by that title but it seems so appropriate for these stitch markers. I am crazy about them and have made many for my friends and even a set for Louisa Harding when she visited the Grove in January. I can still see her clapping her hands and squealing with her British accent "I love my stitch mahkers". She went so far as to say they would appear in her next book. We shall see!

I make mine with decorative sterling silver head pins and Swarovski crystals, and I wire wrap them. Marcia has come up with an even easier way using silver cable and crimp beads instead of head pins. Hers are pictured above. Either way, they are stunning. We figure it costs about $1.97 a piece to make them. Not bad when they are pretty enough to wear as earrings! And we have all the materials at the Grove. If time allows, I'd be happy to show you how to make them. Hmmm. Maybe I'll do a class for them in October. Any interest?

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  1. Well, I'd be interested, if I didn't already own an army of these little delights! And when I say "army", I mean army! (as you know). In any case, I'm interested to see the crimp bead action instead of the dang wire wrapping. My thumb will never be the same after all that wire wrapping! Crimp beads sound so much easier. These are by far the most beautiful stitch markers around, and one wants to keep knitting forever with these lovlies hanging from the needles.