Friday, July 6, 2012

Drinking Gloves!

What an incredible idea!!! Cosmo gloves, or in my case, Grey Goose gloves!  I'm going to modify this pattern a titch by excluding the finger holes (only thumb hole), ditching the bow, and not doing the fan wrist thing.  Okay, so that means the only thing I am actually going to use is the martini glass detail!  My girls and I do happy hour at C-Level once a month to celebrate our 6-month birthdays (since celebrating only one birthday a year isn't enough).  Our next date is July 23rd which gives me plenty of time to design my own pair.  If they come out good, then I'll be making three other pairs.  We all like wearing the same knitted pieces in different our Mrs. Beaton's and our kiri shawls, etc.  I know.  We have no pride, right?

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