Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new shawl!

I started the Age of Brass kerchief on January 1. Now that's starting 2012 out right! I'm smitten with Filigran, a non-repeating merino colorway in smoke. While the pattern doesn't call for beads, some brilliant knitter on Ravelry incorporated them into hers. Well I couldn't not include them after seeing hers. So on New Year's day, I made an emergency visit to my friend Marcia (bead queen extraordinaire). She understood my having to come over immediately with this project being a burning desire! She hooked me up with the perfect size 6's. Marcia, you are also a friend extraordinaire! Thank you!!! Off to a wonderful start and loving every stitch!
P.s. We're offering a class on the Age of Brass kerchief starting January 7. Check our our current newsletter for more information.


  1. Love the color of that yarn! I can also see this in a soft pastel with pearls instead of beads... I have filed the pattern =-)

  2. I love this scarf - beautiful. How many beads did you use?