Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Grover, Our Mascot!

Growing up in New England, I've always had a love for the ocean. So it follows that I also love fish. For my birthday, Krista of Daily Scoop, bought me a gorgeous Betta and named him Grover after The Grove. Honestly, it was one of the best presents I've ever received. I would never have thought that this little guy could bring me such pleasure.

It's been nearly a month now and I think I'm finally getting to know Grover and what he needs. He came in the bowl on the left (above) and he swam in spring water that clouded within a couple of days. I did some research and discovered this awesome globe aquarium (shown below) with a filter and waterfall! According to some, it only needs changing once a month. I'm all about low maintenance so I got one, filled it with gravel, live plants, and seashells that I've gathered throughout my life from different oceans and seas. Oh, the pleasure of setting Grover free in a spacious new home with lights and oxygen pumping though the water...It makes me sooo happy! It's like having a little piece of the ocean in my kitchen. If the Grove were warmer, I'd keep the little guy there but he's a tropical fish and he was freezing without heat. He's much happier at home in a warm kitchen.


  1. oh I love Grover! and his new home is beautiful!

  2. This is a very special fish home. I know Grover must love it!
    x, Val