Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bite of Boston

Today is our 16th anniversary. To celebrate, we're going to see Debt with Helen Mirin and then we're going to Bite of Boston to eat Fried Ipswich Clams (with da' bellies....yummmm!!!!!!!), crinkle cut french fries, and homemade coleslaw. And we're going to drink Sam Adams from plastic cups while we sit at the outdoor picnic tables (I don't care if it's raining), and we're going to laugh our patookies off cuz if there's one thing we know how to do, it's to have fun (well, when DH is in the mood, that is...but I think he will be today!). And I'll pretend we're sitting on a dock in Maine and it will ease my homesick heart. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else than here but I do long for the Atlantic and New England, especially in the Fall. Now, for a little Boston trivia, check this out! Cracks me up!!!

If you take my lead and you go to Bite of Boston in University City, try the wicked awesome Chowdah which is made from the infamous Legal Seafood's recipe. At the counter to the right of where you order, is this crazy red lobster. Look for the small white button on it's platform and hit it. The lobster dances and you'll hear "Don't Rock the Boat Baby" and other oldies. I want that lobster so badly!


  1. That list is hilarious...and TRUE!! =-)

  2. oh, wow, I need to go there! these days I"m living in North Clairemont, but I attended schools in Boston and Cambridge and lived in Salem for 3 years. Wherever and whenever, at least 1 trip per summer to Ipswich was a necessity. Yep, I prefer my clams with bellies--strips don't quite make it.