Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pagewood Farm Extravaganza!!!!

For this Walkabout Weekend only, we have over a hundred skeins of Pagewood Farm hand-dyed yarns to choose from at 15% off. Pagewood Farm yarns on sale?#! Unheard of!!! Rustic Spun, Fuzzy Purls, Giant Purls, Handspun with Felted Flowers, One of a Kind Embellished Hand-Spun (incorporating glittery ribbons and other cool stuff!), and more! We also have over a dozen Tinkerbell Needlefelting Silk Scarf kits and bags of hand-dyed roving...all at 15% off. All unsold skeins of yarn will be returned to Pagewood Farm following this weekend so don't miss this opportunity.

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