Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Proud Knitting Moment

You no doubt recognize Gail in this photo but you may not know her beloved husband, Joe, who is holding the other side of the afghan. Joe is Valiant for a bunch of reasons, but most recently for completing some very aggressive radiation treatments which have left him cold, literally. We keep close track of him through Gail and we couldn't bear for him to be cold so we all decided to knit him an afghan out of Chunky by Misti Alpaca. Each one of us knit one strip and Gail assembled them. I think we had it done in less than 2 weeks from start to finish, grateful to be able to do something for Joe during the healing process.

Joe was so appreciative that he took us all out to lunch yesterday at Brockton Villa! We were overwhelmed by his offer and looked so forward to the day. Here we are, smiling from ear-to-ear in our own little room at Brockton. I only wish Gail was in the picture instead of taking it.

And to beat all, Joe gave each of us a beautiful silver bracelet hand-crafted by Carol Brown! Can you imagine?!# The thing is, we got so much pleasure out of knitting this afghan that no thanks were necessary. It's like we wanted to thank him for giving us the opportunity to do a joint project with love that binds us all closer together. And that's how we started out 2010. We actually began knitting on New Year's Eve. With a start like that, how could we not all have a great year?


  1. You girls are cute with a capital "C". Here's to a good year ahead, especially for Joe.

  2. I just loved that project from start to finish. What a wonderful lunch, and it was so nice to spend time with Joe. I do hope he decides to run out and get a pair of Ugg Boots to keep his tootsies warm! We've got the neck and body covered, and I just don't see Joe in Turkish Bed Socks...