Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When a Dite Will Do Ya

As I was working on this gorgeous Louisa Harding handbag, I dipped into my stash 3 times for contrasting yarn. Since I'm using her hand-dyed Grace (silk & wool), I wanted to use equally fine yarns for the embellishing. The red flowers are from some left over Silk Alpaca, and the pale blue is left over hand-dyed Grace from my February Lady Sweater. As I was rifling through all my stuff (and I do have more than most of you reading this...even though your stashes are no doubt significant!), it occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a basket full of remnants in the shop for when just a dite will do ya.

While I wound these remnants into tidy balls, priced, and labeled them with as much information as I had, I came up with all sorts of ideas to use them: to knit contrasting toes or heels on socks, to fringe a scarf, to make tiny amurgami animals, or to embroider faces on kittens.

Here, I'm using a Tahki Stacy Charles red boucle to do Cozy Kitten's ears.
Although Cozy Kitten looks more like a hot water bottle cover than anything else, within the next few days, you will see kitty come to life with embellishment and stuffing!

Since embellishment is such a part of knitting and crocheting these days, tomorrow I will be in L.A. at the textile show searching for handbag handles, closures, more buttons and other decorative items. Looking forward to sharing the news with you upon my return!


  1. it's killing me that you'll be in L.A. and i won't see you!! xoxo

  2. You're scaring with how techie your getting. Daily blogging all by yourself. Pretty soon you won't need me and Mel any more.

  3. What a super idea. there are those of us who just like having a stash of little bits of things. Those are gonna sell girlfriend.
    Enjoy LA, you will find the best stuff. Rachel

  4. Dite? Is that a word? It it like Titch?

  5. What lovely posies on your purse. Are those crocheted?